Nothing Artificial About Our Mission

With a decade of successfully aggregating the latest and greatest news at GFM Review under our belts, we stumbled upon an unexpected truth:

People can be unpredictable and unreliable.

Keeping fresh ideas and buzzing industry topics brewing felt like pulling teeth.

We needed something dependable, like a golden retriever of content curation.

Aren't we all craving more personal, efficient, and human-friendly interactions and processes without human shortcomings?
Illustration of AI robot
Woman looking nervous

Oh, Humans!

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are buzzwords, but to us, they are opportunities.

We started tinkering with AI, especially chat GPT 3.5, and our journey into a new era began (... clumsily at first!).

As any innovator worth their spiel knows, a bit of mess often leads to massive success.

Who Needs Sleep When You Have AI?

In the beginning, our AI experimentations could have been better. The outputs were good, not great.

But where's the fun without the challenge?

We found ourselves in the Wild West of AI, where quality was a battle. We gave scripting, prompting, and automation a shot.

As we scoured the marketplace, we found tools that were close but no cigar.

Most businesses desperately sought a blend of quality, user experience, and execution.
Woman looking inspired by MyCopyHub
MyCopyHub website

So why was no one delivering if the AI was so life-changing?

Through countless pots of filter coffee, strategy sessions and tech analysis, it struck us!

Why not have a crack at it ourselves?

A platform that doesn't just work, it wows!

Every day, we were not just learning but creating something unique, engaging, and personalised.

Endlessly researching, testing, and breaking the tech.

Then we did it.

The code?


Hold Our Coffee;
We're CHANGING the World.

The way we see it, our "hub" is like having the Shakespeare of online content creation as your guide

(...except he knows how to master prompts and isn't such a drag!)

Now, we are on a mission to stamp out quick-fix AI content creation tools.

We help busy professionals, marketers, creators, and brands to be consistent with their LinkedIn content output.

We provide valuable knowledge of AI, best practices, and writing tips to harness their LinkedIn success.

We create innovative AI solutions for speedy post writing and scheduling to help our CopyHub community overcome time
constraints and inconsistency to become LinkedIn authority leaders.

We make LinkedIn content creation with AI simple, easy to understand, and quick to use.

Our 8 Copy Commandments

1. Joy

We whip, flip and script words using AI tech, personable wit, and human empathy.

It’s never too late to learn new skills, and The MyCopyHub Community supports your “big ideas” goals so you can maximize your time to say what matters to you.

We don’t lecture, we engage, offering a lil’ slice of joy with every content we share. 

2. Trust

We believe trust is earned, not expected.

We trust our products and services so much we’re totally chill with letting you try before you buy!

Our tech knowledge is future stellar, and our human customer service reflects the good old days. We don’t want to be another subscription that gathers dust on your bookmark bar.

3. Transparency

There’s tonnes of buzz spouting about AI and revolutionising your business game.

But let’s get real.

We bring the evidence, the data, the social proof and we’re not afraid to show what could be better. No process is linear, trust comes from epic results.

We lead with what is accurate and never fake the “too good to be”.

4. Resilience

We use AI to optimise your business, but you’re 100% human to us.

That’s why we strive to ensure your experience is tailored just for you. We listen. We learn. We adapt.

Why? We want our outputs to resonate with who you are on the realest level possible.

You’re not just a “user”.

You’re YOU, and we never forget that!

5. Community

We believe there’s no fast track to success

It’s about building community and creating things that matter. 

We’re nerds for educational content and apply detective mode to find antidotes to your marketing headaches. 

Our values grow and evolve constantly, we’ll take you behind the scenes, lift the lid on the tech, and be your #1 supporter for success

6. Results Focused

You know what’s frustrating? 

Putting your heart and soul into a post to watch it flop with a feeble “1 like”! Engagement isn’t created overnight. 

The fast-paced, social media-hungry world makes us forget that. But you’re not alone. 

We’re here to understand your goals, teach you how to maximise your impact and guide you towards consistency

7. No Comparisons

Comparison is the thief of joy. We don’t put a shiny filter on progress or sell an impossible dream. 

We show our team, CopyHubbers and community overcoming obstacles, putting knowledge into action, and cheering the payoffs

We make growth a reality and having a say a necessity because you’re central to our story!

8. Human Driven AI

We might spend our days wrangling tech to make magic but we're 100% human beneath it all.

We also respect humans don’t work like robots, and humanity, empathy and support always prevail.

There’s no secret code. Every story is welcome, valued, and essential.

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