ELEVATE Your LinkedIn Authority

with AI Assistance

Ignite ideas, and spark creativity by crafting stories that speak to your LinkedIn audience's problems, and deliver them valuable solutions.

Scale your LinkedIn content, reach, and engagement by consistently posting to grow your network, leads, clients, and community.

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Grow Your Leads, Customers, and Community

Guiding you towards the POWERFUL LinkedIn brand presence you desire most.

MyCopyHub is THE AI platform designed by pro copywriters and marketers to help you reach your LinkedIn goals at record speed.

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MyCopyHub is YOUR AI LinkedIn writing ally.

You want:
A consistent flow of scheduled posts.
Your brand to be recognised globally.
To maximize your presence.
To stand above the noise.
To stand above the noise.
An endless bank of ideas.
MyCopyHub gives you the power of time - not a kryptonite of tech confusion.
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Harness Your Success on LinkedIn

The intuitive, user-friendly AI writing assistant.

We are on a mission to stamp out quick-fix AI content-creation tools.

Save time, ignite your creativity, and gain knowledge to position yourself as a LinkedIn authority in your field.

Empower Your LinkedIn Confidence:

Draft, edit, and schedule posts all in one place.
Add photos for personalisation and increased post-engagement.
Performance metrics to guide your message positioning for your audience.
Add multiple brands - great for trailblazing entrepreneurs, brands, and marketers.
Select a different emotion for each post to reflect the message you want to convey.
Using MyCopyHub for LinkedIn

The Results:

By remaining consistent and offering value to your audience, you’ll be well on your way to:
Increasing Your Brand Awareness
Scaling Your Followers
Attracting New Leads
Closing More Sales

We sweat the small STUFF so you can focus on the BIG action:

Educating, inspiring, leading, and transforming your audience.

Why Does Posting on LinkedIn Matter?

Only 1% of LinkedIn users POST REGULARLY.

With over 800 million active scrollers on LinkedIn, there's a whole LinkedIn lead-fest the 99% are missing out on.

And you weren't blessed with a big brand vision to settle for being lumped with the LinkedIn Lurkers!

(...were you?)

But LinkedIn is all about the humble brag, shameless selfie, and #cryingceo.

Or is that the tale you spin yourself to soothe the fear of never posting yourself?

Give up the gab, flip the narrative, and share the stories YOUR audience wants to read.

People buy from people, NOT businesses:


of buyers say:

“leadership builds brand credibility”


of buyers agree:

“Thought leadership builds awareness for a new or little-known brand.”


of buyers muse:

“Thought leadership is important for brands to attract new buyers”


of buyers think:

“Thought leadership proves that an organization genuinely understands or can solve your business challenges.”


of B2B marketers whisper:

“LinkedIn is the most effective platform (eMarketer 2019). According to LinkedIn, marketers see 2x higher conversion rates on LinkedIn, and brand and acquisition rates are 6x more likely to convert.”

The Consistent Confidence Challenge

You watch your competition dominating their LinkedIn authority:

Nurturing a community, providing their audience with value daily, and showcasing their brand through storytelling.

Why is LinkedIn growth so effortless for everyone else when that bead of sweat on your brow is close to a waterfall?


Confused woman

The AI Prompting Dilemma

Everyone is harping on about how you can
revolutionize your LinkedIn content.

Yet whenever you type in your prompts
to Chat GPT, you get posts that
any Tom, Stanley, or Pamela could write.

The responses don't sound like you OR your brand.

You've practically thrown your laptop out of a window
trying to make sense of Chat GPT or other AI tools.

You feel demotivated, like an imposter, and self-conscious
about every word you write.

‍Eventually, you throw in the towel and call it a day

....until you land on MyCopyHub!

Your Personal LinkedIn Writing Hub

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Designed for Your Busy Schedule

MyCopyHub is THE
LinkedIn AI platform:

✓Built WITH you
✓For YOU

MyCopyHub is designed for people who are
serious about elevating their LinkedIn authority.

Maximize your impact with minimal effort:

😯 Post drafting.

😮 Post scheduling.

🙂 Assert your unique voice.

😊 AI-driven content suggestions.

😀 Minimal-effort image generation.

😃 Ignite your creativity and original ideas.

😄 Upload your existing brand voice to draft quicker.

😍 Batch-create 1 month of content in less than an hour.

Our Goal

Simplify LinkedIn content creation with AI assistance.

Help your brand skyrocket through LinkedIn profile optimization.

Keep your LinkedIn post schedule consistent to boost your engagement.

Guide you on shaking up your industry with an unshakeable personal brand.

Craft an easy-to-understand, user-friendly interface tailored for entrepreneurial efficiency.

Save you time and effort while gaining the edge to stand out as an industry authority on LinkedIn.
MyCopyHub dashboard metrics

Try It First, Believe It Next

Free 7-Day Trial for those wanting to GROW on LinkedIn

Step into the world of AI-assisted LinkedIn content creation with NO upfront cost.

Experiment, learn, and influence how MyCopyHub can help your community leverage LinkedIn for success.

We’re meticulously innovating to build a platform that helps you add more value to the world.
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Lead the LinkedIn Content Innovation

Don’t be a sitting duck while everyone else gets ahead!
We're committed to building a platform that MATTERS to our CopyHub community.

The Cost of MyCopyHub: 

✅ Less than LinkedIn premium.

The Cost of Not Using

❌ Your Brand Aspirations.

The Cost of Becoming a
MyCopyHub BETA Innovator:

Your feedback as a MyCopyHub BETA Innovator drives our development, ensuring MyCopyHub surpasses your LinkedIn needs and goals.

Help us fine-tune our platform BEFORE any new updates are released to the whole CopyHub community.

Go from OG to GOAT and gain exclusive access to the latest features, products, and discounts from the get-go!

The Buzz Around The Hub

Nothing to see here, just a bunch of folks DOMINATING their LinkedIn goals with MyCopyHub!
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Leonard Jones
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Arlene Miles
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Jenny Watson
Product Manager
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Nathan Smith
Product Designer
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Harness Your Success on LinkedIn

What are you waiting for?

Join MyCopyHub today

(...before the Joneses get their mitts on it!)

Embrace the power of AI assistance to craft, schedule, and dominate your LinkedIn writing goals effortlessly.

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